So, you have chosen us to repair your beloved jewellery item. Firstly, Thank You! We know how important and sentimental jewellery is, and we value your trust in us.

This informative blog post is intended to answer any questions you may have about our process, and to ease any worries that you may have about leaving your item with us.

  • The first step starts with the very obvious, meeting with a staff member and discussing what work you would like to have done on your item.
  • After it has been determined what work needs to be done on your item, the staff member enters a description of your item into our computer, as well as a description of the work that needs doing. This information is added onto what we call our ‘Job Bag’; . On the job bag is an envelope number that is unique to your item. A ‘Claim Check’ is returned to you. This represents us having an item of yours, and it also has the envelope number that corresponds to your item. Your item is then photographed and put into our ‘To Be Assigned’ drawer, where it will remain until heading to the work-spaces.
  • Before it has reached the Goldsmith, we reviews the description on the job bag and ensures that a photo has been taken of your item. Any special requests or information is highlighted for the Goldsmith. Once we are sure this has been done, after we assign its goldsmith.
  • The majority of our repair work is done by our incredible in-house Goldsmith. On some rare occasions, your item may be sent to one of our trusted Canadian vendors for specific tasks such as stone polishing, stone matching. Once your item has been determined to go to goldsmith, it enters ‘bin’, behind all of the other jobs that were brought in ahead of yours. This is typically where our two-week
  • (Sometimes much sooner) turnaround time for repairs comes from as unfortunately goldsmith can only work so fast and the jobs brought in before yours take priority.
  • During repair work, your item will be cleaned professionally. Once the work is completed, the goldsmith goes over the entire item making sure everything is perfect. The item then heads back out from the workshop into fished section.
  • A staff then goes over the tasks that were listed on the job bag, inspects the item again, and processes the job as being completed in the computer once everything is up to standard.
  • A telephone call to the number that you have provided us or an email is one of the very last steps, and once we have contacted you or left a message, your item is assigned to its final location: the ‘Completed’ drawer. This drawer is where it will remain until you come to pick it up, and it stays in our safe outside of our store hours. When you return to get your item, we require you to bring in the ‘Claim Check’ that we gave you upon intake of your item. We then enter this ‘Claim Check’, and the location and information for your item is brought up on our computer.

As you can see, during your item’s overall time with us it goes through several quality checks . From the moment you leave your item, it is accounted for and tracked accordingly.

We greatly value and hope to maintain your trust in us.